Wall Clock with Grasshopper Escapement

This original clock design features a “grasshopper escapement”, invented around 1722 as a way to minimize sliding friction and the need for lubrication. It imparts a wonderful sense of movement to the mechanism as it gracefully toggles back and forth.

Built entirely by hand using only glued joinery, without screws or other hardware, this spring powered clock will run for 2 days before it needs to be wound. In addition to the grasshopper escapement, Lignum Vitae, a naturally oily wood, is used in many places to minimize sliding friction.

To help maintain an accuracy of approximately 2 seconds per day, the pendulum automatically compensates for any changes in temperature (one of the largest sources of errors) and a built in “maintaining power” ensures that the clock continues to run while being wound.

This clock received the "People's Choice" award at the 2018 Northern Woods Exhibition.

Technical Details

Materials: Chechen (Caribbean Rosewood), Cherry, Birds Eye Maple, Oak, Lignum Vitae, Quarter sawn White Oak, Red Heart

Finish: Hand rubbed shellac, Wax

Dimensions: 12” (w) x 48” (h) x 12” (d)

Price: $4,800

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