Wall Clock with Remontoire

This clock features a remontoire, (from the French remonter, meaning "to wind"), a small secondary source of power that is periodically rewound by the main power source. It was typically used in precision clocks to place the source of power closer to the escapement.  By smoothing out variations in the drive force caused by unevenness of the friction in the gear train, the remontoire improves the clock’s accuracy.  This remontoire clock is interesting to watch as there is a periodic movement of the rewind mechanism which is triggered when the remontoire’s spring reaches the end of its power every 15 seconds

Technical Details

Materials: Peruvian Walnut, Birds Eye Maple, Lignum Vitae, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Red Heart

Finish: Natural Danish Oil, Wax

Dimensions: 8” (w) x 48” (h) x 11” (d)

Price: $2,800

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