My Bio

I’m a clock-maker specializing in the design and construction of handmade wooden clocks. Born in London Ontario, I followed a professional career in information technology and IT consulting which brought me to Minnesota where I currently reside with my wife and 2 dogs.

My Inspiration

I’ve always been inspired by artisans and their pursuit of excellence in their craft. As a clockmaker working primarily with wood, I draw inspiration from the past to find interesting techniques or features that I can incorporate into new designs. The challenge is to combine them in new and artistic ways, while at the same time, achieve accuracy and precision within a medium that is inherently not stable.

I feel that being able to work with your hands is a gift, and I continually strive to improve those skills as I develop a piece. This is my own pursuit of that excellence in craftsmanship.

My Tools

Using hand tools and selected hardwoods, each clock is a one of a kind timekeeper. All joinery is done by hand and all surfaces are brought to their final dimensions using traditional hand tools.

After roughing out the wheels on a scroll-saw, each tooth is then brought to the correct profile by "sanding to the line" using successively finer abrasives and a bench-top belt sander.

While a CAD program is used to develop the wheel layout, no CNC machining is used to build any of the clock components.